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Using the Mail merge Plus add-in.

Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:44 pm

Using the Mail merge Plus macro and document.


There are five button controls on top.


  • The Send Emails button is used to send all emails once you have the merge setup complete.

  • The Refresh Lists button will refresh the values in the drop-down lists for From: account, Mail format: and Signatures: list and reset choice to default.

  • Clear all values. This button is used to clear all data and reset the form to blank with default values for all lists

  • Preview Mail. This would show a single mail in outlook with the first merge values.

    You can use this to preview if your merge emails are displayed correctly since this does not send the email.

  • Help button takes you to the support page on this site.

Options and text fields

  • The To: Cc: and Bcc: fields can be filled in with text. Enter any email addresses here seperated by ; .You can also enter merge fields in any of these text boxes.

  • The Subject: field can be filled in with text, Merge fields or a combination of text and merge fields.

  • The Attachment: box is used to enter the path for the attachments

    Click on the Select File button to select the file from your computer.

    You have the option to replace the file name or complete path with a merge field to change the attachment for every email.

    There is no option for multiple attachments currently. I would suggest creating a .zip file if you need to attach multiple files.

  • The Signature: drop-down list displays the signatures that you have in Outlook.You can select any of your signatures here to use with your emails.

    The default choice is None You can leave it as None and include the signature in the email body.This will allow you to use mail merge fields in your signature if required.Image
  • The Mail Format: drop down has options to select the format for your emails.

    The default option uses the format which is setup as default in Outlook.

    You can select Plain Text, HTML or Rich Text formats.
  • There is a checkbox for Compose HTML . This is applicable when the Mail format: is set to HTML. When the box is checked you can enter HTML code in the Mail content: field to create your emails.

  • The Mail content: field is where you enter the mail content of your emails.

    If Compose HTML is checked and Mail Format: is set to HTML you can type in html code for your emails here.


How to use.

You would first need to prepare your data in excel and add data source for mail merge in Word.You can find the steps on this page.How to add data source.
  • Once you have setup the fields and values in the form you can send the emails using the Send Emails button.
  • You can save the document with a different name on your computer to reuse the same values again. You would need to re-select the values in the list forFrom: account, Mail format: and Signatures: